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Vacancy: Senior iOS Developer Storyteller Europe

Why us?

ūüíł¬†¬†22-30k¬†PLN per month B2B contract (or EUR equivalent)

ūüĆ鬆¬†Fully¬†remote¬†working¬†from¬†anywhere¬†in Europe!

ūüŹĖÔłŹ¬†33¬†Days Paid Leave

✨ Exciting products millions of users, sold to global brands

ūüíĽ¬†M1 Max MacBook Pro or PC equivalent

ūüí°¬†Latest¬†tech stack and tools


We’re Storyteller, a platform that allows brands to integrate Stories functionality and more into their apps and websites. The platform is in use by multiple global brands serving 10s of millions of users. Check us out on ProductHunt!

We’re looking for an amazing Senior iOS Developer to join our growing team and help push this product on to the next 100 million users. You’ll be working with the latest technologies across Swift using the latest equipment of your choice.

You’ll be working with a friendly, talented team and have the opportunity to grow and lead both technically and in managing others. If the idea of a fast-paced, dynamic role with tonnes of opportunity for change, responsibility and innovation sounds exciting to you, then read on!



  • Responsible¬†for¬†improving¬†internal¬†technical¬†practise¬†and¬†processes,¬†including¬†identifying¬†relevant,¬†new¬†technologies
  • Leading¬†projects¬†from¬†conception¬†to¬†completion
  • Understanding¬†business¬†objectives¬†and¬†how¬†to¬†fulfil¬†them
  • A standard-bearer¬†and¬†example¬†for¬†code¬†quality¬†in the¬†company
  • Executing¬†tasks¬†proactively¬†with no¬†brief
  • Working¬†with¬†other¬†team¬†leads¬†to¬†ensure¬†company-wide¬†cohesion¬†and¬†efficiency
  • Working¬†with non-technical¬†team¬†members¬†to¬†increase¬†the¬†overall¬†technical¬†output¬†of the¬†company
  • Providing¬†technical¬†guidance¬†to less¬†experienced¬†developers
  • Liaising¬†with¬†project¬†management¬†colleagues¬†when¬†technical¬†input¬†is¬†required
  • Learning,¬†utilising¬†and¬†improving¬†our¬†DevOps¬†processes¬†and¬†tools¬†to¬†enable¬†rapid¬†delivery
  • Eliminating¬†technical¬†debt
  • Fixing¬†emergency¬†software¬†defects¬†and¬†sharing¬†what¬†was¬†learned¬†from the¬†failure
  • Helping¬†to¬†define¬†the¬†technical¬†architecture¬†for products
  • Producing¬†software¬†reused¬†by¬†developers¬†by¬†contributing¬†to¬†our¬†SDK


  • Take¬†full¬†responsibility¬†for the¬†output¬†of a development team
  • Be¬†responsible¬†for¬†quality¬†of team via¬†reviewing/feedback, mentoring and¬†recruiting
  • Define¬†success¬†and¬†how¬†it¬†will¬†be¬†measured,¬†creating¬†plans¬†and¬†roadmaps¬†as¬†needed
  • Prioritise¬†team¬†members‚Äô¬†workload
  • Lead¬†on¬†client¬†communication¬†and¬†delivery¬†where¬†required



  • Experience¬†using¬†Swift
  • Experience¬†using¬†Rest¬†APIs
  • Experience¬†using¬†Git
  • 5¬†years‚Äô¬†commercial¬†experience
  • Good, practical knowledge of English in speech and writing


  • Experience¬†with¬†dependency¬†managers¬†(Cocoapods¬†/¬†Carthage¬†/¬†XCFrameworks¬†/ Swift¬†Package¬†Manager)
  • Knowledge of¬†good¬†code¬†review¬†practices
  • Ability¬†to¬†search¬†for and¬†solve¬†non-trivial¬†bugs
  • Experience¬†with¬†different¬†iOS¬†architecture¬†patterns
  • Experience¬†with Unit¬†Testing¬†/¬†Testing¬†frameworks¬†in¬†general
  • Experience¬†using¬†Continuous¬†Integration / Deployment
  • Experience¬†using¬†Good OO¬†practices
  • Contributed¬†to Open Source¬†projects
  • An¬†active¬†Github¬†profile
  • A University¬†Degree¬†in¬†Computer¬†Science (or¬†a¬†related¬†discipline)

Your working environment


We actively encourage the entire team to share their ideas, with that in mind we regularly adopt and implement suggestions across the company, you’re the specialist here!

Operating with the agility of a high growth start-up, alongside the support you can expect from a larger organisation means we encourage quick decision making and a responsive, adaptive culture.


We believe that great teams are built by a mixture of personality, skills and a passion for what people do.

We’re an international team with more than 100 people onboard and we come from a mix of the biggest names in tech, to innovative start-ups and everything in between.


Our culture is deeply embedded in harnessing technology and we’re always at the forefront of the latest capabilities and trends. If you‚Äôre interested in the possibilities that technology can bring to both the way we work and how our clients communicate with their audiences, then we‚Äôd love to hear from you!


We’ll provide you with a high-end M1 Max MacBook Pro or PC equivalent as well as top of the range monitors, headphones, a keyboard, mouse and whatever you need to feel comfortable at work.


We’re a remote-first company and support 100% remote working for this role. We have flexible working hours so you can start your day anytime between 8am and 11am.

Joining us means becoming an integral part of the whole team no matter where we’re physically working, we have a number of initiatives to create a team environment regardless of geographic location.


22-30k PLN net per month (or EUR equivalent), depending on experience and skills.

Contract Type

Full time B2B contract – fully remote working from anywhere in Europe!


  • 33 days of paid time off
  • High end laptop of your choice – M1 Max MacBook Pro or PC equivalent, it‚Äôs up to you!
  • Top of the range monitors, headphones, keyboard, mouse and gel rests
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Full refund for a trip to Edinburgh ‚Äď we would love to meet you in person and meet from time to time in Poland or Scotland ūüėČ

Recruitment process

First, you will be invited for a 30-minute pre-interview via Zoom. We usually ask about your previous experience, future career path and motivation for changing your job, as well as provide you with more details about our projects and working in our team.

If the interview goes well, we will invite you to a second step ‚Äď a technical interview (60 minutes via Zoom). During the meeting, Piotr, iOS Engineering Manager, asks about your technical capabilities plus anything not covered in the pre-interview, and at the same time answers all your questions. The next step is a technical task. The last step is the final interview (60 minutes) with CTO ‚Äď it‚Äôs a mix of technical and culture-fit questions.

Senior iOS Developer @ Storyteller Europe: