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Who and how uses health and wellness apps – Airship study

Consumers across countries, age groups, and income levels are turning to apps as their primary tool for health and wellness, as they do in most other aspects of their daily lives. According to research by Airship , in three countries – the US, UK and France – 81% of consumers plan to use apps on smartphones and wearables to improve their health and well-being in 2023.

“Life is getting better with better mobile apps, and for most people, it literally refers to their health and well-being,” said Thomas Butta of Airship. “Brands that can establish themselves in the daily routines of users will be able to build strong loyalty based on mutual respect and value.”

Friends, fitness and sleep, in that order

The top three ways people plan to use apps to improve their health are: connect more with friends and family (27%), exercise (26%), and improve sleep (17%).

Who uses health and wellness apps and how - Airship study

Age and income difference

Boomers and low-income households make up the largest segments of people who say they won’t use apps to improve their health and well-being in 2023: 35% and 23%, respectively.

Who uses health and wellness apps and how - Airship studyWho uses health and wellness apps and how - Airship study

However, across 11 health and wellness app activities , adoption rates for the two groups are surprisingly similar to other age and income segments. This suggests that apps and wearables have made it easier to access a wide range of useful services. At the same time, a significant number of boomers and low-income households remain on the sidelines.

How Health & Wellness Apps Can Better Retain Customers

The biggest growth opportunities for brands lie in retaining more of the customers they attract and, of course, attracting new ones. How can they do it?

Deeper communication about the value, savings and convenience of mobile applications. Especially in an environment where older and lower income customers can go a long way in reducing the number of detractors and creating more mutual value for brands and customers alike.

The survey was conducted by Sapio Research in January 2023 among 4,000 consumers aged 18 and over in the US, UK and France.