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What influences the developer experience – GitHub study

Developers today do more than just write and deliver code—they must navigate a myriad of tools, environments, and technologies, including new AI-based generative programming tools. But the most important thing for developers is not the plot points and not the speed of deployment. It is the developer experience that determines how effectively and productively developers can exceed standards, enter a state of flow, and create impactful products.

GitHub collaborated with Wakefield Research to conduct a survey of 500 American developers in enterprise companies. In the report, they showed how organisations can remove barriers by helping corporate engineering teams innovate and make an impact in this new era of software development. Ultimately, the path to innovation at scale is through empowering developers by increasing their productivity, increasing their satisfaction, and empowering them to do their jobs better and better every day.

Metrics that determine and should determine the quality of the work of developers in the case of the use of AI:

What do development teams spend time on:

What positively affects the working day:

What developers spend time on – most of the tasks are not related to writing code, and waiting for builds and tests takes as much time as programming:

As a result, developers want to improve their skills, develop solutions, receive feedback from end users and communicate with colleagues. However, build and test wait times, and the current performance metrics by which they are judged, get in the way.

The most important factors influencing the effectiveness of team communication are:

What negatively affects the working day – first of all, the lack of communication, secondly, asynchronous communication with the team, at the third place of the meeting:

You can find more data in the report itself – it is available for free on the GitHub site.

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