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Top Earning US Apps in July

This week AppFigures has compiled another ranking of the most earning applications in the US.

This list is almost an exact copy of June. The company estimates that Tinder became the top-grossing app in the US in July, earning $48 million in net revenue. It snatched the top spot from HBO Max, which came in second in July with $47 million in net income from its iOS and Android apps.

YouTube, TikTok and Bumble round out the top five in the July top. All of them, except TikTok, earned more in July than in June.

TikTok’s revenue has been falling throughout 2022. It’s still huge, but it’s interesting to see how usage growth generates not more, but less revenue.

The other 5 apps from the top are exactly the same as the June list, starting with Disney+ at #6 and ending with LinkedIn at #10.

The top 10 net sales combined increased slightly in July to $307 million from $299 million in June. Nothing special, but at least she didn’t fall. She will most likely grow up again in September when the children return to school and “normal” work resumes.