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TLDR explains what makes a fragment of code

TLDR is a plugin for popular IDE Jetbrains, which explains what makes a fragment of code in natural English.

TLDR is based on Openai Codex, a model that also supports GitHub Copilot, but is not intended to help you write a code or automate something. Instead, he tries to decipher, which makes a fragment of code, creating a story in natural English, saving you a watch in an attempt to understand a fragment of code. After all, reading the code is much more difficult than writing it, and such an assistant will be valuable in terms of reducing the time necessary for its understanding.

The plugin works with any environment-based development and supports almost all the popular programming languages (and in addition regular expressions and SQL queries). There is a free version, but with constant work, the plugin will need payment – from $ 4.90 per month. You can download the plugin through the official website.