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The 2022 State of Software Delivery report

Software delivery has never been more critical to the success of business in every industry. It’s also never been more complex. Expectations for delivering high-quality software incredibly fast have skyrocketed. Yesterday’s most exceptional product experiences are expected today to be more beautiful, intuitive, powerful, and affordable. But the landscape of tools, platforms, and architectures is constantly evolving. With this rapid pace of change and the growing challenges of complexity, how can engineering teams not only succeed but beat out the competition?

The 2022 State of Software Delivery Report represents the largest collection and evaluation of developer engineering productivity data in the world: over two years of data from over a quarter of a  billion workflows, representing almost 50,000 organizations from more than 100 countries, building over a quarter of a million projects on the CircleCI platform. Research team examines this data each year to gain insight into the DevOps practices used by software teams globally.

The data shows that the most successful engineering teams routinely meet these 4 benchmarks:

CircleCI been publishing this research for three years, and company pleased to say that more teams than ever before are hitting these benchmarks. This means that more teams have identified that delivering software successfully at high velocity is a competitive differentiator for their product, and have prioritized the key components of hitting this goal. By hitting these benchmarks, these high achieving teams are getting maximum value from their software delivery pipelines.

To achieve top-performing status costs time and money but it’s clear that more organizations are realizing that it’s worth the investment. Business leaders that outfit their teams with the most performant and powerful tools allow their software teams to be engines of innovation, unlocking new ways for their entire company to operate more effectively and opportunities to get better products to customers sooner.

The 2022 State of Software Delivery Report Key Findings

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