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Tesla adds support for third-party apps

While adding third-party apps is not possible right now, the rollout of this feature may not be far off. 

There’s a new addition to Tesla Account Settings. There’s a new option under Online Profile Settings that lets you manage third-party apps. It looks like this feature is in a preliminary stage and there is no way to add apps themselves yet. However, this development means that Tesla may be close to launching official support for third-party apps, providing an official and more private way for other services to access the car.

This update on the Tesla account page seems to have gone unnoticed until now. The option is located under Security Options along with Multi-Factor Authentication under Profile Settings. The new Third Party Apps section appears to be the central place to grant or revoke access to selected third party apps.

Tesla adds support for third-party apps

Running third-party apps on the Tesla platform could change the relationship between the company and its user base, paving the way for a more personalized, privacy-focused experience.

Third party apps like TeslaFi help Tesla owners track their car usage. These applications currently require full access to the vehicle to function. However, with official third-party app support, Tesla could introduce more controlled access, providing a secure way to share specific vehicle information.

In addition to added security, services like TeslaFi can benefit in terms of usability and functionality by gaining official access to vehicle data.

Integrating third – party applications can provide some interesting possibilities. One potential possibility is the use of Apple Maps EVrouting, an innovative feature that allows real-time analysis of the vehicle’s route and battery charge. This tool will allow users to plan their trips more efficiently in real time, even with the availability of chargers.

These improvements will benefit users and usher in a new era of collaboration, making Tesla driving an even more integrated part of life.

Questions remain about support and access. While Tesla’s move to support third-party apps is exciting, many questions still need to be answered. Will any companies be able to add their apps? Will a paid developer account like an Apple account be required? Will there be API fees or API restrictions?

While adding third-party apps is not possible right now, the rollout of this feature may not be far off. Undoubtedly, this feature has the potential to significantly improve the way Tesla owners interact with their vehicles and third-party services, ushering in a new era of intelligent, user-friendly experiences. However, until more information comes out, we can only speculate about the details and look forward to what Tesla has in store for us.