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Telegram Contest for iOS Developers

Telegram has launched a new competition for iOS developers. The prize fund of the 1st round is $50,000.

The challenge is to create a standalone media editing application. You need to write it in Swift without using third-party UI frameworks. The editor should have various tools for drawing and editing text based on the provided layouts.

You can find a complete description of the required functions in this document .

Competition requirements:

  • Third party UI frameworks are prohibited.
  • The app must be compatible with iOS 13 and above.
  • Features and interfaces for the contest must be created from scratch. The use of third-party implementations of media editors with similar features is strictly prohibited.

During the evaluation phase, Telegram judges will check the submissions on different iOS devices, from iPhone 6s to 14 Pro. The key factors in determining the best applications are:

  • General aesthetics of the application.
  • Compliance with the provided layouts and design elements.
  • Attention to the smallest details of the user experience.
  • The smoothness of the animation and the overall stability of the application will play an important role.

Winners may be offered the chance to join the Telegram team in Dubai.

The deadline for submission of works is 31 October.