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Swift 5.6 released

Swift 5.6 is now officially released!

Thank you to everyone in the Swift community for your discussion, proposals, bug reports, pull requests, and more.

Swift 5.6 includes a number of enhancements to the type system, improved interaction with pointers, and adds the ability to run new plugin commands using the package manager.

For a quick dive into some of what’s new in Swift 5.6, check out this playground put together by Paul Hudson.

If you’re new to Swift, The Swift Programming Language is the definitive guide on the Swift programming language and has been updated for version 5.6. The Swift community also maintains a number of translations. It is also available for free on the Apple Books store.


Official binaries are available for download from for Xcode, Windows, and Linux. Swift 5.6 is also included in Xcode 13.3.

We also provide RPMs for Amazon Linux 2 and CentOS 7 for experimental use only. Please provide your feedback.

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