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Qodana is out of preview

Qodana is a static code analysis engine that offloads checks from the JetBrains IDE to any CI pipeline and performs resource-intensive checks on the CI server.

JetBrains announced the public launch of Qodana  a code quality platform that allows you to identify and flag programming errors such as bugs, security vulnerabilities, anomalous and dead code.

Released in preview in 2021 , Qodana is a static analysis engine that offloads checks from the JetBrains IDE to any CI pipeline and performs resource intensive checks on a CI server. JetBrains has now launched the platform into commercial operation.

Qodana sends its results directly to the IDE, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools. The official launch of Qodana was accompanied by a number of improvements, starting with the ability to run Qodana directly from JetBrains IDEs, including IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, Rider, and GoLand.

Qodana code coverage is now available for Java, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, and TypeScript, with more languages ​​coming soon, according to JetBrains. Code coverage allows you to check the code coverage of unit tests in order to evaluate the effectiveness of these tests.

Qodana also has a new vulnerability checking feature that allows you to identify vulnerable external packages and suggest ways to fix vulnerabilities. There’s also a new experimental feature, Quick Fixes, that allows you to automatically apply fixes to specific problems, making your programming more efficient.

Katerina Shlyakhovetskaya, Head of Products and Teams at Qodana, said, “Qodana is the only code quality control platform on the market that uses the validations native to the JetBrains IDE, allowing you to extend the intelligence of your JetBrains IDE to a CI server and tie them together.”

Qodana supports over 60 languages ​​and technologies and is designed to integrate with almost any CI server, including JetBrains TeamCity, Space, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and GitLab CI.