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Pokemon Sleep hits 2 million installs

Snorlax is a sleepy Pokemon and also the icon of a new app that uses the Pokemon brand to track sleep habits.

Why sleep tracking? The answer is simple. It’s about money!

The Pokemon Sleep app was released a few weeks ago and, according to AppFigures , has already been downloaded 2 million times.

As an app, Pokemon Sleep looks like a fairly traditional sleep tracker with very slow onboarding, which is sure to annoy those who aren’t into Pokemon. But once you get past the introductory part, the offering will offer expected features that directly compete with popular apps like ShutEye and Sleep Cycle.

And since its release, Pokemon Sleep has been overtaking them in terms of downloads and revenue. In 10 days of work in the App Store and Google Play, Pokemon Sleep earned $686,000 in net income, which is what was left after Apple and Google took their commissions.

ShutEye and Sleep Cycle earned $529K and $468K respectively in the same 10-day period.

The amounts are similar, but if you look at the chart, it’s clear that Pokémon sleep is currently making over $120,000 a day on average, compared to $45,000 a day for competitors. It becomes clear that Pokemon Sleep is the leader.

The question is whether Pokemon Sleep is taking market share away from the competition, or whether the app will grow at the expense of Pokemon fans.

Developer: The Pokemon Company
Price: Free+
Price: Free
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