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Plexamp now works with ChatGPT for creating playlists

Plexamp, a music player originally created by Plex’s Labs division, has made use of ChatGPT in its latest update. The company has announced a new feature called “Sonic Sage” powered by OpenAI ChatGPT that will create unique music playlists by scanning users’ libraries and using their subscription to the TIDAL service.

Plexamp is not the first to try to use AI for music selection. Spotify, in particular, has launched an AI DJ that selects music for streaming app users, and other third-party apps like Petey now use ChatGPT to create playlists in Apple Music.

In the case of Plex, this feature is currently used in a side project of the music player, and not for the company’s main application.

First launched in 2017 as Plex Labs’ debut project, Plexamp was introduced as a reimagining of the classic Winamp media player app , even offering visualizations to accompany your tunes. It later expanded from desktop to iOS and Android, and was also upgraded to become a subscriber-only service.

In addition to being a way to enjoy music in a classic audiophile-friendly interface, the app has also served as a way for Plex to experiment with different technologies. For example, in 2021, the app introduced the Super Sonic feature, which allows you to select songs that are “sound similar” to each other, instead of using only metadata to program mixes.

The new feature, dubbed Sonic Sage, allows users to create custom playlists using natural language to describe what they want to hear. For example, the company offers users such things as “ballads from heavy metal bands”, “energetic electronic tracks from The Chainsmokers and other DJ duos”, “psychedelic indie rock in the spirit of Pink Floyd”, “70s grooves from women with strong character” and much more.

To use the option, users must be a Plex Pass subscriber and also subscribe to the TIDAL music streaming service, which is Plex’s music partner. They will then need to create an OpenAI account to enter an OpenAI API key in Plexamp’s settings to enable Sonic Sage. The company notes that you can limit search results to only music from your own library through a setting.

In addition to the new AI feature, the app has several other features for finding music, including the ability to use different DJ modes, go on ‘sound adventures’ with machine learning, use ‘mood radio’, travel back in time to rediscover old songs and more.

Plexamp now runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux, the company notes.

Developer: Plex Inc.
Price: Free
Developer: Plex, Inc.
Price: Free
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