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Mobile App Development Trends – 25.01

Lottie magic, What’s new in the Jetpack Compose, On-Device Machine Learning and more!

The next generation of Wear OS is coming, possibly as early as this year - Samsung and Google are preparing an Android 14-based Wear OS 5 update. Until recently, major Wear OS updates were rarely released. Wear OS 2.2 based on Android 9 came out in 2018 and, with the exception of some additions, remained relatively unchanged for several years. In 2021, Wear OS 3, based on Android 11, came out. A year later, Google released its first Pixel Watch, which featured Wear OS 3.5. More recently, in 2023, the Galaxy Watch 6 debuted Wear OS 4 based on Android 13. Samsung is now actively working on supporting an Android 14 build for the next generation Galaxy Watch 7 chip. This build is referred to as “Wear OS 5” in several places. In general, the update cycle for Wear OS will apparently also become annual, which, in theory, will encourage people to buy more modern smartwatches, and developers will be able to use all the modern features of the OS.






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