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Mobile App Development Best Practices – 05.10

In its first month of availability, Pokémon Sleep overtook its main competitors that professionally track sleep, Sleep Cycle and ShutEye, in terms of revenue. Interestingly, 2023 was not a good year for sleep tracking, especially on the App Store, thanks to Apple adding sleep tracking to the Health app. Looking at revenue, the trend is pretty obvious. From January to June, revenues fell by double-digit percentages – even before Snorlax was on the market. Earning more than the leaders in the first month while the leaders are falling is not a bad accomplishment. But growing revenue at more than 4 times the leaders in the second month is much better. But here’s the interesting thing – it doesn’t look like the app is taking those revenues away from its competitors. Pokémon Sleep works in its own audience, likely monetizing brand fans more than users in need of a sleep tracker. This is also evident in Pokémon Sleep’s lack of proper ASO – “sleep” and “tracking” are missing from it. Yes, it’s a missed opportunity, but it was probably intended that way because the publisher just doesn’t care.






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