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Mobile App Development Best Practices – 02.10 has summarized the interim results of the year – and once again we have a record. Annual consumer spending on the App Store and Google Play reached $100 billion faster than ever before – as early as September, while in 2021 and 2022 it happened in October, and in 2020 in December. Overall, users spent 3.7% more in Q3, with iOS sales up 1% year-on-year and Google Play up as much as 9.7%. However, iOS still generated the bulk of consumer spending – $21.2 billion compared to Google Play’s $12.4 billion. Pleasingly, the bulk of the growth in Q3 came from apps, with spending up 10.6% on iOS and 20% on Google Play. Mobile gaming spending growth was more modest at 5% on Google Play, and on iOS mobile gaming spending was down 5.6%. Overall, the numbers suggest the app economy is stabilizing after an initial downturn in 2022.






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