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Microsoft Build 2023 will be held May 23-25

Microsoft has announced the dates for its annual Build developer conference, scheduled for May 23-25. You can participate in it in person or online.

Unlike Google I/O 2023, for which you cannot buy a ticket, Build offers a visit for money. The cost of a personal offline ticket with full access is $1,525. According to Scott Hanselman, the conference will be “like the good old days, but better!”. Pre-Day May 22 costs another $225.

An alternative free way to visit Build is digitally. You must register for digital access, which will allow you to watch live keynotes, attend Q&A sessions, and join other online activities.

While attending a virtual event won’t have the same wow factor as attending the Seattle Convention Center in person, it will be a convenient way for developers to learn about the latest Microsoft technologies.

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