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Marvel Move – Superhero Fitness

Marvel today announced its new mobile fitness app, Marvel Move, featuring immersive audio running programs featuring popular Marvel comics characters.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear the Hulk yell at you while running, then here’s your chance. Marvel today announced its new Marvel Move mobile fitness app , featuring immersive audio running programs featuring popular Marvel comics characters.

Marvel Move is part of a collaboration with Six to Start, co-creators of the popular fitness app Zombies, Run!, where users become the protagonists of an apocalyptic drama, running away from hordes of zombies. According to Six to Start, the app is currently played by over 10 million people worldwide.

Marvel’s fitness app works in a similar way, but this time around, there will be five persistent storylines for users to choose from:

  • Thor & Loki: Asgard 5K Training – Led by Thor and Loki, users will receive 24 fully voiced workouts over eight weeks. The program is designed by experts to prepare you for a full 5k run.
  • X-Men: Age of ORCHIS – listeners are invited to work with the X-Men in Krakoa, where they must destroy the mutants. The audio story features characters such as Wolverine, Storm, Jean Gray and others.
  • The Hulk: Hulkville – Run from the authorities along with Bruce and Betty Banner, who are trying to hide the Hulk from the whole world.
  • Daredevil: Terminal Degree – As new students at a prestigious law school, students meet Daredevil and help him take down a dangerous crime syndicate.
  • Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch: In Dreams is an audio guide with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch in which you need help getting out of a place you have never visited.

Marvel and Six to Start claim that the workouts are designed for users of all fitness levels. So, you can choose to walk, jog, normal run, or even track your activity while sitting in a wheelchair. Marvel Move allows users to fully control the time and distance of a run, as well as intensify or slow down the workout.

Marvel Move - fitness with superheroes

Marvel Move will release this summer on iOS and Android devices. The workouts will be available through Six to Start’s forthcoming ZRX app and will cost $74.99 per year. In comparison, the cost of playing Zombies, Run! currently $5.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

However, if users subscribe to the $99 Marvel Move Founders Club, they will receive a two-year Marvel Move subscription, one free month of Zombies, Run!, a free trial of Marvel Unlimited (a comic book subscription service), and invitations to closed live Q&A streams. .

“Marvel fans have a deep connection to comic book storylines, so we’re thrilled that they, as well as our newest fans, will be able to experience new adventures with the characters they know and love,” Ryan Penagos, vice president, said in a statement. and Creative Director of Marvel. “I started my own fitness journey with the Zombies, Run! many years ago, and I can confidently say that the Marvel Universe is in great hands when it comes to giving our fans an epic fitness adventure!”