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Kotlin Onboarding – Kotlin tutorial right in Intellij

In addition to the content itself, this course is interesting because it works inside Intellij.

Kotlin Onboarding is a free Kotlin language course covering the core concepts of the language. In addition to the content itself, this course is interesting because it works inside Intellij.

A prerequisite for using Kotlin Onbaording is to install the EduTools plugin with a version of at least 2023.1. With this plugin, you can learn multiple programming languages ​​supported by the JetBrains IDE, take lessons, and complete coding assignments with instant feedback right in your IDE.

The goal of the course is to learn how to write simple console applications in Kotlin and become familiar with the syntax and features of the language. As a prerequisite, you need a basic understanding of programming in any language, as the course does not explain in detail fundamental concepts such as variables, functions, or loops, but rather offers simple reminders of their definitions and demonstrates how they can be used in Kotlin.

As part of the course, you implement six console applications such as:

  • A chat application is a simple chat program that engages the user in an interactive conversation to learn more about it.
  • The game “Bulls and Cows” is an attempt to guess the word chosen by the opponent.
  • Console Photoshop is a simple console application that applies various filters to images, similar to basic Photoshop.
  • plus three more applications.

As you work on these applications, you will learn concepts such as:

  • entry point to a Kotlin program
  • variables
  • functions
  • cycles
  • ranges
  • if statements
  • strings and their functions
  • null safety mechanism
  • collections and lambda expressions

All in all, this is a good entry point into the world of Kotlin.

The Kotlin Onboarding course is available for free on the JetBrains marketplace.