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JetBrains’ The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 study

JetBarins has released the results of their developer survey – The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 report.

The world of developers is vast and diverse, making it an endlessly fascinating area to explore and learn about. The goal of annual studies like this one is to explore this fascinating world, uncover valuable facts about developers and their craft, and then share them with the community.

The State of the Developer Ecosystem report covers a wide range of topics from programming languages, tools, and technologies to demographics and interesting facts. It also looks at the unique lifestyle of developers, shedding light on their hobbies and interests.

Here are some interesting facts from the report.

Most Used Languages:

Исследование The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 от JetBrains

  • For many years, Rust has been among the most popular languages to learn. In 2023, Rust took the top spot for the first time. Not only did Rust overtake Go to become the top choice for those looking to switch to another language, but Go users became the first in line of those ready to switch to Rust. However, as Go’s user base grew rapidly through 2020, a large portion of those switching from Go are likely early adopters. Many of them are in search of a new trend and, having adopted Rust, may soon move on to the next “big” trend.
  • Having lost two-thirds of its users in recent years, the Objective-C language seems to be coming to an end. From its introduction in 1984 until Apple released its successor, Swift, in 2014, the language was very good. With the advent of other cross-platform languages like Kotlin, Dart, etc., iOS developers are spoilt for choice, and have little reason to stick with Objective-C other than outdated code.

Platforms and languages:

Исследование The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 от JetBrains

77% of developers use ChatGPT, 46% use GitHub Copilot. And 15% of all of them use it for code generation:

Исследование The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 от JetBrains

What helps developers stay productive – job results, salary growth, and enjoyment of the process itself:

Исследование The State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 от JetBrains

More than 35,000 people participated in the Developer Ecosystem 2023 survey. To ensure the sample was as representative as possible, it was purged. As a result, the report is based on data from 26,348 developers from 196 countries and regions, including one response from Antarctica. You can read the entire report here: