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iOS 16 rollout is faster than iOS 15 but slower than iOS 14

iOS 16 is ahead of iOS 15, but iOS 14 looks like it will have the last laugh.

According to analytics firm Mixpanel, iPhone users are installing iOS 16 on their phones much faster than they installed iOS 15 last year. The data shows that after the first day of availability, iOS 16 has surpassed iOS 15 in terms of end user adoption. However, none of the latest releases has surpassed iOS 14.

According to Mixpanel, iOS 16 adoption is slightly faster than iOS 15. After 24 hours of availability, iOS 16 was installed by 6.71% of users compared to 6.48% on the first day of iOS 15. Both updates lag behind iOS 14, which was downloaded by 9.22% of users on the first day its availability.

This comes as no surprise since iOS 14 was the first update to allow more customization of the iPhone’s home screen. Widgets appeared on the home screen, which even spawned its own separate category of applications.