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Intrinsic Flowstate – Industrial Robot Programming Platform

Robot company Intrinsic at Alphabet has unveiled its first product. This is Intrinsic Flowstate, an intuitive, web-based development environment for building robotic applications from concept to implementation.

Industrial robots are incredible productivity tools that remain out of reach for the millions of people and businesses that could benefit from them. Unlike computers, smartphones, and other types of equipment that increase productivity for people everywhere, robots are a relatively niche and exclusive kind of tool. Whether it’s a robotic solution for servicing a 3D printer, surface grinding, assembling new parts, or packaging products, industries typically use complex robotic systems that require deep knowledge and specialized skills to program. Reprogramming such systems rarely makes economic or operational sense.

As a first step to help accelerate access to industrial robotics for many more developers, the company today introduced Intrinsic Flowstate. Flowstate is currently in beta testing and will initially be available to a small cohort of developers. Find out more and apply here.

You can also watch the presentation:

The speech also presents the Intrinsic platform on which Flowstate is built.

We are working to make advanced robotics and AI easy to use, including for non-specialists. We do everything with the interests of future roboticists and developers in mind, bringing modern software development methods such as object-oriented and visual programming to the robotics and automation industry.