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$100M in Series B: Homa – Data-driven games analytics

Overall, the company raised $165 million and now employs 160 people.

French startup Homa has raised $100 million in Series B funding. Quadrille Capital and Headline lead this round. Other Series B investors include Northzone, Fabric Ventures, Bpifrance, Eurazeo and Singular.

Homa has been one of the companies that has turned mobile game development into a methodical, data-driven process. Homa creates tools that help developers create games.

The Homa SDK helps you track various metrics with built-in analytics. This can be important if you want to improve your time in game or retention.

The tools also help you conduct large-scale A/B testing to optimize your user experience.

Finally, Homa will help you monetize your game with ads. The SDK provides tools to improve ECPM and track monetization metrics such as cost per install versus effective CPM. In this way, Homa can run predictable advertising campaigns that will expand the game’s user base and ultimately generate more revenue.

Since 2018, Homa has published 80 games and received one billion downloads. Overall, the company raised $165 million and now employs 160 people.

The plans are to explore web3 and the NFT world. The startup wants to build a universe of interconnected games with virtual worlds and characters owned by creators and players — a sort of Homa metaverse. Even if that plan doesn’t work, it looks like Homa is on the right track with its game publishing tools – and now has more money to invest in improving its tech stack.