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Good games don’t die – Can legacy titles save the mobile game industry?

SuperScale, a company based in London that helps mobile games grow, recently published a report based on interviews with 500 game developers in the UK and US. It found that 43% of mobile gaming apps do not make it past the development stage. Let’s take a look.

What is legacy game management?

The most successful mobile games are supported for years. The old adage in the industry is that once a game launches, that’s when the real work starts. But while some blockbuster games can last the test of time, not all titles can match that level of success. Most are managed over time, either through steep or steady decline, until it’s either time to launch something new or an even more successful title takes priority.

Legacy Game Management is the process of rejuvenating games that seemingly have their best days behind them and perhaps no longer receive significant UA and updates. They still have an audience and paying users, but are either experiencing a long-term downward revenue trend, or the developer has chosen to focus resources on other, potentially more profitable projects.

A sneak peek inside the good games don’t die white paper

Download full report here: