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GitHub launched Projects

Projects are available now on GitHub.

GitHub has announced the general availability of GitHub Projects based on GitHub Issues. The developers of the project say that GitHub Projects links planning directly to the work that teams do on GitHub and adapts flexibly to any project needs at any time.

Projects were announced in beta last year. They are like a spreadsheet with project tasks where you can filter, sort and group tasks and pull requests. You can view your project as a table or as a kanban board.

Entries in Projects are created from tasks and a pool requests that you add. It is a direct link between the project and the work. Information is automatically synchronized with the project as changes are made, views and diagrams are updated. This integration works both ways, so when you change the PR or issue information in your project, it will be reflected in the diagram.

In the board format in Projects, you can add your own fields. This combination can be used to track a sprint, plan a feature, or manage a large release. Tasks can be grouped and moved by stages, priorities, statuses, performers or any custom fields.

Projects also let you see how development is progressing with various charts. Suggested use cases include tracking the progress of the current cycle, ongoing work, and complex visualizations such as cumulative flowcharts.

Projects are available now on GitHub.