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Free course on the basics of Continuous Delivery

This course is a good start to get you on the right track 

A free short course on the concepts behind CD (Continuous Delivery) has been published. It is presented by Dave Farley, a software engineer who has done groundbreaking work in DevOps, CD, CI, BDD, TDD and modern software engineering.

He co-authored the book Continuous Delivery, which won the Jolt Excellence Award in 2011, and recently wrote the book Modern Software Engineering.

The Continuous Delivery Fundamentals course was developed for those who are new to Continuous Delivery and want to learn more about the technology.

As such, it is purely theory-based, introduces concepts, benefits, and key practices, and provides steps to get you started with Continuous Delivery. You don’t have to code, there are no exercises, the author just talks about the concepts.

The course is self-paced and consists of four video tutorials accompanied by a downloadable manual that you can save for future reference.

At a high level, it talks about:

  • principles and practices of continuous delivery
  • why CD is the best way to deliver software
  • 3 phase continuous delivery pipeline
  • 14 Things You Need to Do to Practice Continuous Delivery
  • first steps to get started with CD

The overall goal of the course is to transform the software development process to bring immediate value to customers by reducing the time that passes from the development of business requirements to the release of a product into production.

In the end, after completing the course, you will have a foundation for further study of Continuous Delivery and Deployment Pipelines. This course is a good start to get you on the right track