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Flipper Zero now has an app store

The store is built into the latest version of the official Flipper app, which was released today.

Flipper Zero, a digital multi-tool, has a mobile app store that makes it much easier to find and install third-party tools and plugins right from your phone. The store is built into the latest version of the official Flipper app, which was released today.

Flipper Zero is a portable multifunctional device equipped with wireless radios operating in the Sub-1 GHz band, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth. It has a USB-C port and a row of GPIO ports on the top panel that allow it to interface with other hardware, including an optional Wi-Fi board. In general, it is designed to interact with access control systems and other systems that use radio channels for communication. It has an active community that develops and distributes new features for this device, which are now much easier to find.

It wasn’t that adding apps and features to Flipper was difficult: it basically came down to searching GitHub and uploading to Flipper’s microSD card. But now the app store is built right into the Flipper mobile app. It’s much easier to view and use, and it installs apps directly on the Flipper via Bluetooth. All applications are checked by the Flipper team, which allows you to be sure that they will not break the device. Flipper Devices COO Alex Kulagin said in a statement: “The team hopes that the launch of the store will provide developers with a massive distribution channel for their apps and experiments.”

Flipper Zero has an app store

The Flipper App Store is available in the app for Android and iOS. Applications are sorted into categories for easy browsing. In an email announcing the app store, Flipper’s Yuri Molodtsov wrote, “More than 350,000 customers use Flipper Zero to interact with wireless devices such as IoT sensors, TVs and air conditioners, and access control systems such as garage doors, barriers, keyless entry systems.”

Molodtsov told The Verge that by the time the market launches, it should have about 100 applications. Among them are many small utilities, such as a dice game, a resistor calculator, a Bluetooth camera remote control, a couple of Pomodoro apps, as well as more ambitious programs, such as a hex editor, applications that allow you to interact with external devices, such as temperature and humidity sensors, and many games.