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Database Performance at Scale: A Free, Open Source Book

Discover new ways to optimize database performance and avoid common mistakes that impact latency and throughput.

So many things have to align perfectly for impressive database performance. You need to think hard about factors like:

  • The infrastructure your database sits on
  • How it’s set up
  • How you’re managing it
  • How your application interacts with the driver
  • How the driver interacts with your database
  • How that database is designed
  • How well its approach aligns with your specific workload characteristics and requirements

And that’s just scratching the surface. Behind each of those elements, there’s likely years of engineering efforts from the database side – not to mention all the user-side strategizing, trial-and-error optimization, and high-pressure triaging.

Most teams don’t have that level of time and patience. They need performance, and they want it now.

Enter Database Performance at Scale, a new (free) open source book written by ScyllaDB employees and contributors Felipe Cardeneti Mendes, Piotr Sarna, Pavel Emelyanov, and Cynthia Dunlop. The authors set out to cover the many different elements that impact database performance, offering clear, practical recommendations based on their own engineering efforts and experience with thousands of real-world database deployments.