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Free online course “Building with Bazel”

Bazel is an open source build system created by Google for compiling large complex codebases. This courses teaches the basics of using building from writing a very simple Java application to compiling an Android app with a lots of dependencies.

Building with Bazel content

  1. Introduction
  2. Install Bazel
  3. Understand Bazel
  4. Build a Simple App
  5. Meet the Sample Projects
  6. Use a Monorepo
  7. Learn Starlark
  8. Understand Bazel Rules
  9. Create a Workspace
  10. Understand Dependencies
  11. Add Dependencies
  12. Write an iOS Build File
  13. Write an Android Build File
  14. Incorporate a BazelRC File
  15. Run Unit Tests
  16. Use the Android Studio Plugin
  17. Understand Distributed Builds
  18. Generate an Xcode Project
  19. Find Help
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