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Callsheet for iOS – the best version of IMDb

The new Callsheet app, released today, aims to improve the IMDb experience with a clean design, several functional improvements, personalized elements.

If you’ve ever wanted to find information about a TV show or movie, you’ve most likely turned to IMDb. However, this Amazon-owned app can be awkward to use, with login prompts, ads, and other elements that make it difficult to find the information you need. The new Callsheet app, released today, aims to improve the IMDb experience with a clean design, several functional improvements, personalized elements, and the ability to subscribe to newsletters instead of watching ads.

According to its creator, indie app developer Casey Liss, Callsheet is “like an IMDB app, but…with respect for users,” he jokes on his blog.

“I love watching shows and movies, finding out who’s in them, trivia and more,” Liss told TechCrunch. “However, the usual app I used to do this has become extremely bad and user-hostile over the years. In January of this year, it occurred to me: “I can do it better.” And I tried. And I think for the most part I succeeded.”

Basically, Callsheet is a “tailor-made” version of IMDb that will appeal to those who prefer a clean, modern, and well-thought-out design and are willing to pay a small amount for an upgrade.

‎Callsheet: Find Cast & Crew
‎Callsheet: Find Cast & Crew

Like on IMDb, here you can find information about the movie or series, including the cast of characters and the actors who play them, information about the crew, release date, rating, synopsis, score, and more. This data is taken from The Movie Database. However, Callsheet has some clever features that enhance the standard IMDb experience.

For example, users can customize a “quick access” button that appears next to the movie’s title and other information such as release time and rating. Liss prefers his button to offer one-click access to information about a series or movie. Others can customize the button to point to other resources, such as Wikipedia, Where to Look, a website, or information for parents.

Callsheet for iOS is the best version of IMDb

In JustWatch’s “Where to Watch” section, you can switch between different options to see where you can watch the movie for free, buy the movie for free, and which subscription services offer the series or movie and in which country.

Another unique feature allows you to turn on and off various information that could lead to potential spoilers. You can hide the number of episodes, episode titles, episode thumbnails, and character names. For example, hiding the number of episodes with actors will help you not spoil your viewing with possible character deaths.

You can also pin your favorite shows and movies, such as the ones you’re currently watching, to the top of the app’s home screen for easy access. These tags will sync via iCloud across all devices, including iPhones and iPads.

In addition, the app offers a lot of customization options beyond spoiler preferences and a shortcut button, including sorting TV show seasons, overriding the region in Where to watch (useful if you’re streaming over a VPN to access services outside of your home. countries), as well as language settings for new and popular media.

Since the application does not contain ads, it is supported by a subscription. The default is $1/month or $9/year, but Liss offers additional tiers for those who want to support his work further, including $20 and $50/year.

Liss, who also co-hosts the Accidental Tech podcast, has previously released other useful apps like the Vignette app for updating contact photos and other all-in-one utilities like MaskerAid for adding emoji to hide your face in a photo, and Peek-a-View , which allows you to safely hand over your phone to someone to view your photos without bumping into someone who shouldn’t be looking at them.

The Callsheet app is available to download from the App Store today and offers the first 20 searches for free. An iPhone version is available for now, but Liss notes that iPad support will be made as soon as possible.