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Apple TV App Store in 2023

Could Apple TV be a goldmine for developers? 

The Apple TV app store opened back in 2015 , and given the big screen, you’d expect a lot of games for Apple’s new “game console” masquerading as a streaming device. Nearly eight years later, this is not the case. Not at all.

Games aren’t the biggest category in the Apple TV App Store, and not even the second or third.

If not games, then what are the biggest categories in the Apple TV App Store? According to AppFigures, the biggest app category for Apple TV right now is Education.

What is the Apple TV App Store in 2023

Of the approximately 15,000 apps available for download on the Apple TV App Store right now, about 25% are in the Education category. Quite unexpected.

The other two categories, Entertainment and Lifestyle, are more expected for TVs. They now have a total of more than 5,000 applications.

Games took only fourth place. Probably the Apple TV remote isn’t great for gaming, and even with a different game controller, most games just aren’t suitable for casual users. And this is a huge missed opportunity. The Apple TV is a powerful device that can easily run quality games, but aside from the hardware, Apple’s lack of advancement makes it difficult to succeed with the Apple TV game. Very similar to Mac development .

Music, News, and Sports each have about 500 apps, while Health & Fitness, Utilities, and Photos & Videos have even fewer.

What’s interesting is the trend of new releases. While the numbers are small—the Apple TV App Store had as many new apps in 2022 as the iOS App Store in about 48 hours—the number is growing, with 2022 seeing the biggest increase in years.

Could Apple TV be a goldmine for developers? App Figures writes that this will happen as soon as Apple understands how to make it easier to open and get new applications. And they think it’s just a matter of time. However, there are hardly any great difficulties with this now, and the question is rather that Apple TV users in reality use the device only for streaming.