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Apple is accepting applications for the Vision Pro Developer Kit

Apple has announced that developers can now apply for the Vision Pro headset.

In addition to the Vision Pro headset, the developer kit includes help setting up the device, support requests with code-level explanations , and “meetings” with Apple experts on visionOS app design and development .

The company will prioritize those who create an app that “uses the features and functionality of visionOS” – so it might not be the guys at Netflix who are reportedly planning to offer an unmodified iPad app on the Vision Pro at launch.

To apply, you must be the owner of an Apple Developer Program account, where you can list developer skills and existing applications. Sun Apps CEO Dylan McDermott tweeted the details of Apple’s device security policy – essentially, anyone who receives such a device must keep it out of sight and securely closed from outsiders at all times.

Apple applies similar rules to other restricted hardware, such as the iPhone Security Research Device, but the new set of rules is even longer and more detailed.

Apple mentions that dev kits must be returned upon request, which can be for a variety of reasons. As we saw with the custom Mac Minis that Apple made available ahead of the M1’s launch, the company could simply recall all pre-production hardware when the headset actually hits the market.

Apple also hosts Vision Pro Developer Labs in Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo, which can be applied for on the Apple website . The company has also released a compatibility checklist to help developers make sure their app is visionOS ready.