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Amazon has released Q, its artificial intelligence-enabled assistant

Amazon Q is already available in a preview version.

Amazon has announced Q, an artificial intelligence-based generative assistant that can be tailored to an organisation’s specific data.

Amazon claims that Amazon Q can be used to have dialogues, solve problems, generate content, get information and take action by connecting to a company’s information stores, code, data and enterprise systems. The idea is that the information and advice provided by Amazon Q can be used to help business users optimise tasks and speed up decision making and problem solving. See it in action here:

Amazon Q understands identity, roles, and permissions and bases its conclusions on that. Amazon emphasised that AWS never uses customer content from Amazon Q to train underlying models, so your company information remains safe and private.

Developers can use Amazon Q to start building apps on AWS, resolve bugs, and get programming help. Amazon gave the example of Amazon Q Code Transformation, which can upgrade Java applications from version 8 and 11 to version 17. Amazon claims Q has been trained based on 17 years of AWS knowledge and best practices. Developers can interact with Amazon Q using common questions and answers to get started, learn something new, learn best practices, and build applications on AWS.

Q can also be used to optimise the selection of Amazon EC2 instances for a specific workload, to resolve errors in various AWS services directly in the console, and to troubleshoot network connectivity issues. This is done by using the Amazon VPC Reachability Analyzer to test connections and examine network configuration.

Amazon Q is also available in supported IDEs, specifically IntelliJ IDEA and AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code. Using this feature in the IDE, developers can ask questions and get help by chatting with Q or invoking actions simply by typing in the chat box. This feature requires the latest version of AWS Toolkit and Amazon CodeWhisperer.

Q will also offer interactive recommendations based on Amazon CodeCatalyst. Amazon claims that with interactive step-by-step instructions and best practices, you can go from a natural language prompt describing the task to be solved to the app’s features in a matter of minutes.

Another option can be used to update the app. Amazon Q Code Transformation automatically analyses the existing code base, generates a transformation plan and performs the key transformation tasks suggested in the plan.

Amazon Q is already available in a preview version.