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Amazon Clinic launched in all states

Starting a video visit with an Amazon Clinic doctor is now possible in all 50 US states.

Amazon is expanding its telemedicine and virtual care service, allowing patients to connect to “multiple telemedicine teams.” Starting a video visit with an Amazon Clinic doctor is now possible in all 50 US states. According to the company, the cost of a visit will average $75 – doctors can set their own rates for services. However, Amazon will not accept insurance policies to pay for such visits.

Amazon previously offered a messaging-only option in 32 states that allowed you to connect with doctors on the platform through a secure portal to discuss your medical concerns and develop a treatment plan. According to Amazon, messaging-based services cost less, averaging $35 per session, but so far the company has only been able to add messaging capabilities in two more states. The Amazon Clinic FAQ page says this is due to regulatory issues.

Amazon Clinic can be accessed through the Amazon Prime mobile app or through the company’s website. Patients can choose what they would like to receive – select a telemedicine provider based on price and waiting time, and then fill out an appointment form (which includes a HIPAA agreement) to get started.

The company says Amazon Clinic can diagnose common conditions like the common cold or hair loss, and since the initial service launched, it has added access to anti-aging skin care, the ability to renew prescriptions on EpiPen, and more. Teladoc, another telemedicine service, goes even further by providing access to psychotherapists and other specialists.

Amazon asks patients using the service to sign a non-binding HIPAA release, but claims that if you choose not to, you can still seek help from Amazon Clinic. The company says it is asking for permission to store personal health data “so that customers don’t have to fill out the same forms over and over again — even if their healthcare provider leaves Amazon Clinic,” and that the company will not sell customer medical data.