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97% of game revenue comes from repeat purchases

The vast majority (97%) of hardcore and midcore mobile game revenue comes from repeat purchases. This is stated in a new study published by Adikteev. The audience of gaming applications is undoubtedly one of the most active. So what drives app revenue and how can developers motivate gamers to make repeat purchases?

From one purchase to another

According to research, users who have already made a purchase are more likely to make a second one. 64% of gamers are likely to make repeat purchases compared to 36% who make just one. Developers can incentivize players to convert through push notifications , email, and retargeting. A strategy that combines several approaches was considered the most effective.

But developers should also encourage first-time app installers to buy, as user churn is especially high on the first day and budgets will be wasted otherwise.

Early hilling of players

Targeting players between days 1 and 14 increases the likelihood of repeat purchases. In fact, 51% of repeat purchases were made on the same day and 25% within 7 days of installing the app. Users who made a second purchase within 14 days were more likely to convert a third time. After 22 days, the probability of making a second purchase drops to 54% compared to 77% in the first week.

Main conclusions

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