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2023 App Threat Report

In 2022 alone, the number of mobile app downloads surpassed a staggering 200 billion, emphasizing the pervasive presence of these applications “in the wild.” Nevertheless, there is still a lack of information regarding the overall frequency of app attacks and the industries most susceptible to such threats.

Read this App Threat Report to gain valuable insights, including key findings on:

  • Attack Probability: The study found that 57% of monitored apps experienced at least one attack.
  • Industry Vulnerability: Gaming and financial services (FinServ) apps face the highest risk of attack (63% and 62%, respectively). The likelihood of attacks in other industries is slightly lower (54%) but remains a significant concern.
  • Android vs. iPhone: Android apps are more likely to be targeted than iPhone apps (76% vs. 55%, respectively); however, the difference in the likelihood of attack was smaller than predicted.
  • Attack Vector and Outcome: The popularity of an app is not correlated with the likelihood of attack on an app: In many cases, less popular apps were attacked more often than popular apps.

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