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2022 Customer Messaging Statistics, Trends and Insights

How do successful brands grow and define success?

What messaging trends will become the new status quo for customer engagement in 2023?

Today, users expect hyper-personalized, relevant, and timely communication across every touchpoint — whether they’re ordering groceries on an app, tracking an online order, or confiming an upcoming vaccination appointment.

There’s no question that attracting, retaining, and converting users requires robust data and technology solutions. But what impact can those solutions and features really have on your business? And how can companies continue to evolve to meet the challenges ahead?

We surveyed more than 500 product and marketing professionals, engineers, and C-suite members from small startups to international brands and compiled statistics from 10 billion daily messages sent through OneSignal to help you evolve your communication strategy in 2022 and beyond.

Download your free copy of the report to access key customer engagement stats and industry insights to enhance your messaging strategy.