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SwiftData Basics Tutorial: How to Easily Persist Data in SwiftUI

In this SwiftData tutorial, I share the basics of SwiftData, a new data persistence framework introduced during WWDC 2023. SwiftData allows you to store and manage data on your device and even use iCloud sync to share data between different devices. I explain how to use SwiftData with SwiftUI in Xcode 15 beta 5 and highlight some of its advantages.

I start by showing you how to create a new project in Xcode 15 and choose SwiftData as the storage option. I then walk you through the process of creating a basic example using SwiftData, including defining model files, generating a schema, and working with the model context.

Next, I demonstrate how to insert, update, and delete data using SwiftData. I also show you how to use bindings to easily update properties in your data model.

Additionally, I cover sorting and filtering data with SwiftData, allowing you to customize the display of your data based on specific criteria.

Throughout the video, I provide tips and insights into working with SwiftData, including potential issues and limitations to be aware of.

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