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droidcon NYC 2023 videos

Videos of all the presentations from Droidcon NYC 2023.

  • Boosting Compose UI From Sluggish To Snappy
  • Trio – Compose Architecture With Mavericks
  • Sba – Journey To A New Architecture
  • Designing For Disconnection – The Mental Model Of Offline Apps
  • The Gpt-Ification Of Mobile App Testing
  • Performance Monitoring – 0 To 60 In 40 Minutes
  • Multiplatform Usb – How To Communicate Seamlessly
  • Migrating Android Apps From Fragments To Jetpack Compose With Nibel
  • Building Shared Uis Across Platforms With Compose
  • What’s New In Paparazzi?
  • Coupling Compose- Interoperability In A Legacy Codebase
  • Major Savings With App Startup Shaving
  • Kotlin-Native For Android Developers
  • Balancing Speed And Reliability – The Double-Edged Sword Of Third-Party Libraries
  • Bootstrapping Simple Server Driven UI From A Design System
  • Getting Your Apps Ready For Material 3
  • Modern Compose Architecture With Circuit
  • Adopting Jetpack Compose @ Scale
  • Web And Android United – Kotlin-Powered Cross-Platform Excellence
  • Monitor App Performance Using Jetpack Benchmark
  • Coroutine-Driven Android Billing- Use Cases, Fallbacks, And Functional Programming
  • Supercharging IDE And Sync Performance
  • Improving Android Developer Experience With Gradle Build Scans
  • Managing State Beyond Viewmodels And Hilt
  • Getting Ready For Kotlin Context Receivers
  • Unlocking Mobile App Security- Key Insights For Navigating A Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape
  • 90s Website … In 2023 On Mobile In Compose … For Science
  • The Art Of KMP: What You Need To Know As A Multiplatform Developer
  • The Unyielding Spirit Of Android

And more than 50 videos: