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Discover the Journaling Suggestions API

Journaling Suggestions is a visual picker interface for iPhone applications. It displays personal events that are happening in a person’s life, such as a place they’ve visited, a person they’ve chatted with, a photo in their library, or a song they’re always playing. For example, if your app promotes personal writing, display a picker to give people ideas for their creative content. When someone selects a suggestion from the picker, the system provides your app with details about that event. For example, a diary app uses these details to display the start of a new diary entry about the selected suggestion.

Learn how the new Journaling Suggestions API can help people reflect on the small moments and important events in their lives through your app, while protecting their privacy. Learn how to use the API to get assets and metadata for journaling suggestions, invoke a picker at the top of the app, save suggested content, and more.

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