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Build Amazing UI Design using SwiftUI Grid in SwiftUI 4

SwiftUI has APIs like Stacks, Horizontal Grid and Vertical Grid that are used to create impossible Design in SwiftUI but these APIs has some complexity when shapes become more complex.

To ease these complexities SwiftUI 4 introduces a new Grid API which helps us to manage the Grid layout with 2-dimensional control parameters.

In this video we gonna explore SwiftUI 4 Grid API and some of its Parameter and Modifier like Vertical & Horizontal Spacing, Alignment, Grid Cell Anchor, Grid Cell Unsized Axes & Grid Cell Column.

Build Amazing UI

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Introduction to Grid (0:27)
  • Create a Basic Grid (2:32)
  • Grid vs Stack (3:51)
  • Grid Pattern Design (4:44)
  • Grid Row Anchor (8:01)
  • Grid Column Cell (8:46)
  • Example of Grid Row Anchor and Grid Column Cell (9:17)