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Animations of sorting algorithms in Swift Charts

This is a tutorial on how to use Swift Charts in a little inconvenient way 😄 I will show you how to code a different sorting algorithms and visualize them using Swift Charts.
You will learn how to implement the bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, quicksort algorithm. And how to change the data that drives Swift Charts to see how those algorithms works.

Swift Charts

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:10 What we will be building
  • 00:48 Swift Charts basics
  • 04:41 Bubble Sort
  • 13:22 The Signal generator
  • 14:33 Bubble Sort Demo
  • 14:56 Selection Sort
  • 18:50 Selection Sort Demo
  • 19:03 Insertion Sort
  • 21:43 Insertion Sort Demo
  • 22:03 Quick Sort
  • 30:59 Quick Sort Demo
  • 31:40 Outro