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Advanced Swift book updated for Swift 5.6

The update is free for everyone who bought previous versions.

Along with the version of Swift, the best book about it, Advanced Swift by, has also been updated. In the new edition:

  • Added a chapter about Swift Concurrency
  • Improved content about property wrappers, function builders, protocols and generics.

The update is free for everyone who bought previous versions.

In this book, we’ll write about advanced concepts in Swift programming. If you have read the Swift Programming Guide, and want to explore more, this book is for you.

Swift is a great language for systems programming, but also lends itself for very high-level programming. We’ll explore both high-level topics (for example, programming with generics and protocols), as well as low-level topics (for example, wrapping a C library and string internals).

Book contents

  • Concurrency
    How to use Swift’s structured concurrency system.
  • Collections
    How to use Swift’s built-in collection types and how to build your own.
  • Optionals
    Improve the safety and clarity of your code.
  • Generics
    Write functions and methods that work on multiple types.
  • Protocols
    Use protocols to simplify your code.
  • Strings
    How to use strings and how they work with unicode.
  • Enums
    Use enums to model your data precisely.
  • Mutability
    Use Swift’s powerful features to control mutability.
  • Memory Management
    Learn how value types and reference types interact.
  • Error Handling
    Understand Swift’s built-in error handling.
  • Interoperability
    Wrap calls to C libraries and present them in Swift using a natural API.