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Zeplin Asset – A simple Gradle plugin that lets you create a download asset from Zeplin

A simple gradle plugin that lets you create a download asset from zeplin and convert them to vector drawables automatically elephant project using 100% Kotlin and be up and running in a few seconds.

How to use Zeplin Asset

The plugin is developed based on Zeplin API, it’s used zeplin OAuth2 to verify the project have correct access.

try to add the plugin to the project.gradle you want to use,


then execute the script that’s it !

./gradlew your_project:updateZeplin

Configuration gear

Before starting directly zeplin script, besides that zeplin token above, we also need a configuration file to tell plugin which kind of assets the plugin want to download.

  "projectId": "input the zeplin project id",
  "tagName": [],
  "outputDir": "",
  "resourcePrefix": "",
  "deniedList": {
    "screen_ids": []
  "allowList": {
    "screen_ids": [""]

Example package

The example project is to display how the zeplin works and what kind of configuration needs to be added you can check it in example folder.

Features art

  • 100% Kotlin-only.
  • Zeplin API and vector drawable converted automatically
  • Plugin build setup with composite build.
  • CI Setup with GitHub Actions.
Zeplin Asset on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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