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YTDLnis – Android Video/Audio Downloader app

YTDLnis is a free and open source video/audio downloader using yt-dlp for Android 6.0 and above.

YTDLnis Features:

  • download audio/video files from more than 1000 websites
  • process playlists
    • edit every playlist item separately just like in a normal download item.
    • select a common format for all items and/or select multiple audio formats in case you are downloading them as a video
    • select a download path for all items
    • select a filename template for all items
    • batch update download type to audio/video/custom command in one click
  • queue downloads and schedule them by date and time
    • you can also schedule multiple items at the same time
  • download multiple items at the same time
  • use custom commands and templates or go full yt-dlp mode with a built in terminal
    • you can backup and restore templates, so you can share with your buddies
  • COOKIES support. Log in with your accounts and download private/unavailable videos, unlock premium formats etc.
  • cut videos based on timestamps and video chapters (This yt-dlp feature is experimental on the original project)
    • you can make unlimited cuts
  • remove sponsorblock elements from the item
    • embed them as a chapters in your video
  • embed subtitles/metadata/chapters etc
  • modify metadata such as title and author
  • split item into separate files depending on its chapters
  • select different download formats
  • bottom card right from the share menu, no need to open the app
    • you can create a txt file and fill it with links/playlists/search queries separate by a new line and the app will process them
  • search or insert a link from the app
    • you can stack searches so you can process them at the same time
  • log downloads in case of problems
  • re-download cancelled or failed downloads
    • you can use gestures to swipe left to redownload and right to delete
    • you can long click the redownload button in the details sheet to show the download card for more functionality
  • incognito mode when you don’t want to save a download history or logs
  • quick download mode
    • download immediately without having to wait for data to process. Turn off the bottom card and it will instantly start
  • open / share downloaded files right from the finished notification
  • most yt-dlp features are implemented, suggestions are welcome
  • Material You interface
  • Theming options
  • Backup and restore features. (Almost everything can be backed up)
  • MVVM Architecture w/ WorkManager
YTDLnis on GitHub:
Platform: Android
⭐️: 2K