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UIPilot – Typesafe SwiftUI navigation library

The missing typesafe SwiftUI navigation library.

Why another SwiftUI navigation library?

  • UIPilot is not a replacement of the SwiftUI’s NavigationView, it’s rather a wrapper around it that you would have likely written. Thus all standard NavigationView features like title, swipe gesture, topbar etc. are available by default.
  • APIs are inspired by the android, flutter and web based routers – Very simple and easy to use.
  • Typesafe navigation – Routing to wrong path will fail at compile time rather than runtime.
  • Typesafe parameters – Routing with wrong parameters will fail at compile time rather than runtime.
  • Very tiny library – it’s barely 200 lines of code.


Visit the website for documentation and more information.


Please have a look at the article and the examples to know more about different use cases of UIPilot.

UIPilot at GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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