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Twine – A multiplatform RSS reader built using Kotlin and Compose

Twine is a multiplatform RSS reader app built using Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform. It features an nice user interface and experience to browse through the feeds, and supports Material 3 content based dynamic theming.

Twine Features ✨

  • Supports RSS & Atom feeds
  • Bookmarks
  • Search
  • Background sync
  • Feed management: Add, Edit & Pin feeds

Tech Stack 📚

For full list of dependencies used, please take a look at the catalog file.

Development 🛠️

You can just clone the repo and build it locally without requiring any changes.

Project requires JDK 20+, and based on the AGP version defined in libs.versions.toml file, you can use appropriate Android Studio to import the project.

Twine on GitHub:
Platform: Android/Cross-platform
⭐️: 593