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TipKit Examples – An example project for the TipKit framework

This repo aims to provide sample code for how to implement TipKit framework in your apps. Initially the focus will be on simple implementations but overtime we can hopefully add more complex context and controls as well.

Current Tips

  •  Simple Popover Tip
  •  Simple Inline Tip
  •  Colored Text Tip
  •  Colored Background Tip
  •  Custom Corner Radius Tip
  •  Tip with actions
  •  Tip that appears after a user action
  •  Tip that appears after two user actions
  •  Present tip from a button on a screen
  •  Showing tip on a cell in a List


  •  Get Popover tip on deeper view working
  •  Add tips with different styling
  •  Show multiple tips at the same time
  •  Add more tips with rules
  •  Get reset / show / hide all tips to work
  •  Add tips that don’t show for certain users
  •  Show after x visits to screen Tip
  •  Show depending on user state Tip
  •  More tips with complex rules

See the open issues if you think anything is missing from this list. You can also contact me on Twitter if you have any suggestions or feedback.

TipKit Examples on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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