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Textbase – A simple framework for building AI chatbots

Just implement the on_message function in and Textbase will take care of the rest 🙂

Since it is just Python you can use whatever models, libraries, vector databases and APIs you want.

Coming soon:


Make sure you have python version >=3.9.0, it’s always good to follow the docs 👈🏻

1. Through pip

pip install textbase-client

2. Local installation

Clone the repository and install the dependencies using Poetry (you might have to install Poetry first).

For proper details see here

git clone
cd textbase
poetry shell
poetry install

Start development server

If you’re using the default template, remember to set the OpenAI API key in

Run the following command:

  • if installed locally
    poetry run python textbase/ test
  • if installed through pip
    textbase-client test


Path to the file: examples/openai-bot/ # You can create a by yourself and add that path here. NOTE: The path should not be in quotes

Now go to the link in blue color which is shown on the CLI and you will be able to chat with your bot! Local UI

Other commands have been mentioned in the documentation website. Have a look 😃!

Textbase on GitHub:
Platform: AI
⭐️: 1.1K