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SwiftUI Shimmer – A shimmering effect to any SwiftUI View

Shimmer is a super-light modifier that adds a shimmering effect to any SwiftUI View, for example, to show that an operation is in progress. It works well on light and dark modes, and across iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

import SwiftUI
import Shimmer

Text("SwiftUI Shimmer").modifier(Shimmer())

or more conveniently

Text("SwiftUI Shimmer").shimmering()

Light Mode Dark Mode

Optional Parameters gear

  • active: Convenience parameter to conditionally enable the effect. Defaults to true.
  • duration: The duration of a shimmer cycle in seconds. Default: 1.5.
  • bounce: Whether to bounce (reverse) the animation back and forth. Defaults to false.
  • delay: A delay in seconds. Defaults to 0.

Bounce 3

Custom Animation

You can now provide a custom animation:

        active: isAnimating,
        animation: .easeInOut(duration: 2).repeatCount(5, autoreverses: false).delay(1)

Animated Skeletons skull_and_crossbones

Of course, you can combine .shimmering(...) with the .redacted(...) modifier to create interesting animated skeleton views.


Text("Some text")
    .redacted(reason: .placeholder)


SwiftUI-Shimmer can be installed using Swift Package Manager.

Use the package URL to search for the URLImage package:

For how-to integrate package dependencies refer to Adding Package Dependencies to Your App documentation.

SwiftUI Shimmer on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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