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SwiftMessages – Flexible message bar for iOS

SwiftMessages is a very flexible view and view controller presentation library for iOS.

Message views and view controllers can be displayed at the top, bottom, or center of the screen, or behind navigation bars and tab bars. There are interactive dismiss gestures including a fun, physics-based one. Multiple background dimming modes. And a lot more!

In addition to the numerous configuration options, SwiftMessages provides several good-looking layouts and themes. But SwiftMessages is also designer-friendly, which means you can fully and easily customize the view:

  • Copy one of the included nib files into your project and change it.
  • Subclass MessageView and add elements, etc.
  • Or just supply an arbitrary instance of UIView.

Try exploring the demo app via to get a feel for the extensive configurability of SwiftMessages.

Usage myView)

Although you can show any instance of UIView, SwiftMessages provides a MessageView class and assortment of nib-based layouts that should handle most cases:

// Instantiate a message view from the provided card view layout. SwiftMessages searches for nib
// files in the main bundle first, so you can easily copy them into your project and make changes.
let view = MessageView.viewFromNib(layout: .cardView)

// Theme message elements with the warning style.

// Add a drop shadow.

// Set message title, body, and icon. Here, we're overriding the default warning
// image with an emoji character.
let iconText = ["